3 Great Recruiting Tips From a College Softball Coach

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Katie Anderson, North Park University’s Assistant Softball Coach:

I have done a lot of my recruiting online the past couple of years and sometimes it is great and other times it is not so great. The few things that I would stress to student athletes are:

1. Keep your video short and to the point. Coaches watch thousands of videos and we can find what we are looking for in little glances at your different skills. With that being said, if you are a specialty player such as a pitcher in softball, I want to see you pitch. My priority is not how well you hit or how fast you run, I want to see all of your pitches in real time to get a feel for what type of pitcher you are.

2. Don’t try to hide anything. If a student-athlete is keeping something out of their profile or trying to cover it up, the truth will come out eventually. There is no point in us thinking you are a certain type of student or athlete, and you end up struggling with grades or keeping up on the field. What your coaches don’t know, they can’t help you with. If we know off the bat that you tend to struggle in your classes, we have resources that can help you be successful, but if it is hidden, we can’t read your mind.

3. If a coach doesn’t e-mail or call you back within a week or two, don’t be afraid to shoot them another e-mail. There is a good chance that with all that is going on, they read your e-mail, meant to respond, and it slipped their mind. It has nothing to do with their interest in you, they are simply busy people and sometimes lose track of whose e-mails they are supposed to respond to at the end of the night or the next morning.

For recruiting sites themselves, I would say keep it simple and easy. Coaches want to see numbers and a video. When I look at a profile I want to see their test scores, graduation year, sprint times, throwing speed, and a video. The easier those items are to access the more I use the site.


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