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Be a Better Athlete

GCA Tip of the Day – What Are You Doing Today To Be a Better Athlete? Write It Down

become a better athlete Do you want to be a better athlete? Do you want to improve so you can become a college athlete? Getting better as an athlete is a day-by-day thing. You have to do the little things whether that be focusing on a practice drill, strategizing against an opponent, doing pushups, running an extra mile or eating the proper food. The way to truly get better is to be consistent doing these things, day in and day out. Over time you begin to feel quicker, stronger, become more instinctive about the game, etc. making you a better player and athlete. A great way to be consistent in doing these “little things” is to write down on a piece of paper the things you are Continue reading →

Men’s College Basketball – 6 Stories of Players Exceeding Expectations

GCA Athlete Recruiting By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete Want to know what it takes to exceed expectations in Men’s College Basketball? At GCA, we have asked hundreds of Men’s Basketball Coaches coaches the following question: Could you give us an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player […] Continue reading →

3 Ways to Become a Better Athlete

 You want to be a great athlete? There is only one place to look: Straight in the mirror. Every single day is a chance to get better at your sport and it is on YOU to make a plan and execute it to build your skills, make yourself a more intelligent player and get your body in the best condition possible. Your coach, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, i.e. all the people around you, can support you OR be a detriment to your development but in the end you have to make up your mind, day in and day out, to get better. Excuses are used all the time in sports: “I don’t get along with the coach”, “I don’t play enough”, “We play a bad system”, “My teammates aren’t that good”…. Continue reading →