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How To Email a College Football Coach

Emailing College Football Coaches When trying to get a college football coaches attention via email the key is being personal & relevant. Make the email unique for that particular coach. Too many athletes make the email all about themselves, their stats and do not focus on what the coach may need or want in a student-athlete. Also, mass emailing coaches is just spam and will rarely get looked at or responded to. Most importantly, almost all the college coaches I have asked want the potential recruit (you) to be more Continue reading →

How to Play College Football – What College Coaches Want in a Student-Athlete

 What do College Football Coaches want in a Student-Athlete? AT GCA, we have asked hundreds of College Football Coaches this question: Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete? We have received a range of thoughtful and relevant responses from College Football Coaches across Divisions I, II and III. We wanted to share some of the best answers to give young/high school football players some perspectives that they might be overlooking and motivating them to put more emphasis on these qualities to reach their goals and become a College Football player: Kevin Bolis – Sacred Heart University – Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line When determining whether a player will be an asset to our program, I ask myself one question: Will this young man do what it takes to earn an honorary “AAA” Membership? To me the 3 “A’s” mean: Attitude, Accountability and Action. Continue reading →