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Emailing College Coaches

How Parents Can Help Their Kids Get Recruited

 All parents want what is best for their kids and most will go to great lengths to help them. This is no different when parents try to help their son or daughter get recruited to play college sports While the overall intent is positive sometimes the actions can have negative effects on both the child and the process. While I think the high school athlete should put the majority of the effort into the their recruiting process, I believe there is many positive actions a parent can take to support their son or daughter including: Continue reading →

How To Email a College Soccer Coach

Emailing College Soccer Coaches I was researching your program and came across this video ( where you discuss how the culture of Marquette Soccer has changed and how players are taking more ownership in making themselves and the overall team better. You also point out the academic success of your players and how proud you are of them. This part shows the coach both the reason for your email and also that you are doing your homework to learn more about him as a coach. Continue reading →

How To Email a College Football Coach

Emailing College Football Coaches When trying to get a college football coaches attention via email the key is being personal & relevant. Make the email unique for that particular coach. Too many athletes make the email all about themselves, their stats and do not focus on what the coach may need or want in a student-athlete. Also, mass emailing coaches is just spam and will rarely get looked at or responded to. Most importantly, almost all the college coaches I have asked want the potential recruit (you) to be more Continue reading →

You’re NOT Emailing Multiple College Coaches With The Same Email Are You?

emailing college coaches I have been reading some articles and watching some videos where College Coaches discuss what high school athletes can do better in the recruiting process. On more than one occasion I noticed college coaches getting irritated when receiving an email from prospective student-athletes with multiple college coaches email addresses, from different schools, also on the email. Please tell me your or not doing this? If you are doing this: PLEASE STOP! You are putting together a generic email, finding a bunch of coaches email addresses, sending it out and hoping to get coaches to respond. You are thinking this strategy will save time by hitting a lot of coaches with the same message. What you are not seeing is that this strategy is alienating a lot of coaches and Continue reading →

Video: College Softball Coaches Discuss Recruiting Do’s & Dont’s

Create a Recruiting Profile GCA I came across the above video on the NCSA Sports YouTube channel. I think the softball coaches make excellent points that can really help the high school athlete within their own recruiting process. Also, many of the things they mention are also items we write about here on the GCA website. Below I noted some key points in the video and where applicable added the related GCA link to help you in these areas for your recruiting process: 0:00 (Start of Video) – Amanda Lehotak, Head Coach at USTA (University of Texas – San Antonio), says coaches are watching your reaction after games, how you interact with your parents and respect for the game. 0:45 – Craig Snider, Assistant Coach at Florida State University, comments on high school softball players committing to early and not taking the time to find a school that fits best for them. He makes a very good point and I wrote a piece giving reasons why high school athletes should not feel pressure to commit so early. Continue reading →

How to Build a Recruiting Profile on GCA

Online Athletic Profile As I have mentioned in the Student-Athlete Guide To Be Recruited, created a Recruiting Profile is a very important part of your email strategy when contacting college coaches. This post describes step-by-step about how you can register, build and manage your own recruiting profile so college coaches will be one click away from learning more about you as an athlete, student and person. The first thing you want to do is to register and create an account with Goal: College Athlete (GCA). On every page in the top right-hand corner you will see: Continue reading →

How to Use Twitter to Write College Coaches Better Emails

Use Twitter for Recruiting If you have read the Student-Athlete Guide To Be Recruited or some of my other blog posts on recruiting and how to get a college coach’s attention you may have noticed that I put a lot of emphasis on sending messages that are personal and relevant to the coach (instead of sending some generic/spammy type message). I feel if you send a more personal message it will not only resonate with the coach but also it shows the coach that you have been doing the research and are genuinely interested in their program. I believe coaches appreciate and will respond to these messages Continue reading →

Emailing College Coaches? 7 Tips for Success

Emailing College Coaches Are you emailing college coaches to get their attention? Please find links to article below that will help you be successful: Why Email is Crucial To Be Recruited How To Find College Coaches Email Addresses How To Create an Email Signature in GMAIL Want a Coach to Respond to your Email? Make it Personal EMAIL EXAMPLES: Reference a Quote from a Coach Reference the Programs Upcoming Losses to Continue reading →

How to Find College Coaches Email Addresses

Emailing College Coaches Do you want to send an email to a college coach letting them know you are interested in being a part of their program? First thing you have to do is find their email address. This is pretty straightforward actually because most college coach’s emails are publicly accessible on their universities athletic website. Most athletic websites have a staff directory page where they list all coaches, for all sports along with their contact information: phone number and email address. I think the easiest way to find the staff directory for a particular university is to Continue reading →

2 Things To Consider Before Sending Automated Emails to College Coaches

Emailing College Coaches Are you using a recruiting service that sends automated emails to college coaches on your behalf? Is this service your only method in trying to contact college coaches? While there can be benefits to this strategy, I wanted to make you aware of a couple of issues that can arise from sending automated emails to college coaches: 1. Automated Emails Are NOT Nearly Personal Enough For College Coaches With all the recruiting services and other companies trying to sell to coaches, automated emails are like “white noise” to most college coaches and most of the emails either get ignored or deleted. Very few get opened and even less Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – How to Follow Up with College Coaches After Attending a Prospect Camp

Contacting College Coaches If you have attended a showcase or prospect camp hosted by a specific university and program that you may want to play for in college make sure to follow up with the coaching staff after the conclusion of the camp. Why? Well, you have met the coaches personally and they have probably scouted your ability during the camp. Now is your chance to build upon that initial relationship and show your respect and appreciation for their program. It can put you in a more positive light when it comes to your character and how you are as a person – something highly Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – Other High School Athletes are Contacting College Coaches. Are You?

Contacting College Coaches Are you waiting for a college coach or program to contact you? There is a few reasons why you shouldn’t be waiting: Other high school athletes are contacting these coaches, meeting them at camps, going for unofficial visits and most importantly they are building a relationship with the coaches and program (they are on the inside) College Coaches WANT to hear from prospective recruits who want to be a part of their program (lot easier to recruit when players comes to you and show a genuine interest in the school and program) DON’T WAIT!: Create a list of schools you want to Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – Emailing College Coaches? How to Create an Email Signature in GMAIL

Email Signature link online athletic profile By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete In the Student-Athlete Guide to be Recruited I discuss why you should set up a dedicated email address for your recruiting efforts, why you should add an email signature to your emails and what is should look like. Today, I want to walk you through how you can create an email signature in GMAIL since it is a very popular email service. Step 1: Login to GMAIL and go to your Inbox Step 2: Within your Inbox go to the Top Right Corner and Click on the Circular shape with ridges and a drop-down menu will appear. In the drop-down menu click on “Settings”: Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – Contacting Coaches: Don’t Give Up After One Voicemail or Email

Contacting College Coaches If you emailed or called a college coach once and didn’t hear back them PLEASE don’t let that be the last time you attempt to contact them! Also, don’t fill your head with reasons why YOU THINK they didn’t get back to you. You don’t know the EXACT reason why they didn’t get back to you. Most likely it was because they were busy doing any number of things: running practices, watching film, administrative work, travelling to an away game, etc. Like most people who are busy, coaches don’t respond to every email or call that comes to them. If you sent a relevant, attention grabbing email or voicemail chances are Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – Want a College Coach to Respond To Your Email? Make it Personal

Emailing College Coaches College Coaches get hundreds of emails a day from high school athletes and recruiting services. The majority of them never get opened or responded to. Why? Because they know its going to be some standard, generic email giving stats and information on a self-proclaimed “great recruit”. They have received countless emails like these, most of which will not help them. How do you write emails that coaches will respond to? MAKE IT PERSONAL for the coach. Find out things like: Continue reading →