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Recruiting Q&A – 7th Grade Girls Basketball Player

Recruiting Questions Question: Hello, I am a 7th grade basketball player who is very confused about the recruiting process. When should I start contacting coaches? Should I begin to film my games? Am I to young for this? I would also like to know what are Division 1 women’s college basketball coaches looking for in a point guard? GCA Response: Hello, Thanks for the email. Before I get into the recruiting process and what steps you might want to take I want to let you know Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – Emailing College Coaches? How to Create an Email Signature in GMAIL

Email Signature link online athletic profile By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete In the Student-Athlete Guide to be Recruited I discuss why you should set up a dedicated email address for your recruiting efforts, why you should add an email signature to your emails and what is should look like. Today, I want to walk you through how you can create an email signature in GMAIL since it is a very popular email service. Step 1: Login to GMAIL and go to your Inbox Step 2: Within your Inbox go to the Top Right Corner and Click on the Circular shape with ridges and a drop-down menu will appear. In the drop-down menu click on “Settings”: Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – Stay Confident, Persist and Be More Pro-Active To Get Recruited

Recruiting emails Are you losing confidence in your recruiting process? Are schools you had hope to hear from not contacting you? Are you feeling down that you may not play at the school or the level you think you can? My Advice: STAY CONFIDENT, PERSIST and be more PRO-ACTIVE! In the Student-Athlete Guide to Be Recruited I talk about speaking to others (i.e. coaches, parents, etc.) and looking yourself in the mirror to receive validation on how good of an athlete you are and what college teams you should be targeting. If you went through the validation process properly you should be confident that you can receive offers from some (maybe not all, but some) of the schools on your target list. Your next step Continue reading →