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Using Google Products To Get Recruited

How to Find College Coaches Email Addresses

Emailing College Coaches Do you want to send an email to a college coach letting them know you are interested in being a part of their program? First thing you have to do is find their email address. This is pretty straightforward actually because most college coach’s emails are publicly accessible on their universities athletic website. Most athletic websites have a staff directory page where they list all coaches, for all sports along with their contact information: phone number and email address. I think the easiest way to find the staff directory for a particular university is to Continue reading →

GCA Tip of the Day – How to Use Google Calendar When Scheduling Appointments with College Coaches

Contacting College Coaches In Today’s Tip I wanted to show you how you can use Google Calendar to help you: Confirm meetings/calls with college coaches Highlight more information about you as a student, athlete and person to college coaches Show your professionalism in the recruiting process What is Google Calendar? Google Calendar is a FREE time management (calendar) application offered by Google. It enables you to send out Calendar invites which appear in college coaches emails and calendars for them to keep track of daily events and meetings. Why would I use Google Calendar in my recruiting process? Continue reading →