Eric Theisen | Head Coach | Baseball | Hillsdale College

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

Students: “Overachievers in the classroom are overachievers on the field.” Guys who place a priority and strive for excellence in the classroom just as much as they do on the field.
*At Hillsdale we need a minimum 3.7 GPA and 27 ACT, sometimes we can get a 3.5/25 admitted if he is active in his community, in leadership roles, and is a high character guy and a good fit for the college.

Dirtbags (Hustle): Guys that love to get dirty in the field and on the bases and play hard and play with passion, guys that will run into a fence to catch a foul popup when they’re winning by 10.

Awareness: Guys looking to back pick trail runners, using pump fakes, having a feel for the speed of the game and knowing options, runners looking to take extra bases on defensive miscues and anticipating those miscues, sliding hard into bases and popping up to look for an opportunity to advance.

Team First (Good Teammates): Guys that congratulate teammates and look and act like they are genuinely excited for the success of their teammates, guys that pick teammates up – encouraging them after mistakes and keeping their focus on the next play.

Competitors: Guys that compete every pitch of every inning of every game.

Handling Adversity: Guys who resist showing up umpires, teammates, and coaches, with bad body language and behavior (no one wants to have to coach behavior)… Guys who act as if they expected everything to happen, and move on to the next pitch.