Eric Terrazas | Assistant Coach | Football | Wheaton College

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

At Wheaton College we are looking for a unique young man. Since Wheaton is a Christian, highly academic institution with a proven history of a winning football program we are looking for someone who is committed in three areas. Committed spiritually, academically and athletically. We are looking for young men whose relationship with Jesus Christ affects the decisions they make every day and they desire to grow in that relationship throughout college. Young men who want to maximize their ability in the classroom and prepare themselves for their post-graduation calling. Young men who are talented players and desire to improve and compete for one of the elite programs in Division III football.

These are the qualities and characteristics we look for in a recruit

Motivated- Someone who wants to be motivated, challenged, confronted and who embraces criticism.
Integrity- Does your life reflect your mission and goals? Are you honest and loyal?
Perspective- When you lose perspective, you become someone you’re not and compromise everything try and dear to your heart.
Committed- Quitting cannot be an option. Are you going to be all-in, all of the time?
Selfless, Humble, service-oriented- True personal fulfillment never comes through self-gratification. Put a cause in front of yourself.
Mission Conscious- Are you driven by a cause or driven by glory?
People have to matter- Rules and demands without a relationship equals rebellion. Rules and demands with a relationship equals response.
Discipline- Can you labor with no immediate return.
Competent- Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Do you give great effort and pay attention to detail? Are you someone that needs to be told what to do or do you see what needs to be done?
Enthusiastic- Are you a powerful, positive presence?
Moral Courage- Do the right thing; the ability to act in spite of your fears or peer pressure.
Understand your responsibility of being on the Team- Don’t forget who you are, Don’t forget the responsibility of the position in life you are in.


Could you give us an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

We have had a number of current and former football players who have graduated from Wheaton College and have gone on to impact the world. Whether they go into the ministry or mission fields, business, law, politics, teaching, coaching, etc. they leave Wheaton College understanding that there is a cause out there bigger then themselves. They understand that the mission is always to serve Christ and His Kingdom. I would  be doing our program a disservice to single out one person in particular understanding that if our athletes leave Wheaton walking and serving God, they have excelled in our program and have met expectations. I can confidently say that we have had thousands of young men who have come through this program and have left walking and serving Christ and for that we are extremely grateful and praise God.