College Swimming and Diving: Coach’s Advice

Please Select a Coach:

American University: John Barry – Head Coach – Diving (Men’s and Women’s)
Assumption College: Stuart Cromarty – Head Coach (Women’s)
Boston College: Tom Groden – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Bowdoin College: Brad Burnham – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Bowling Green: Mike Shelby – Assistant Coach (Women’s)
Brown University: Peter Brown – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Clarion University: Brehan Kelley – Assistant Coach (Women’s)
Colgate University: Fernando Canalas – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s Swimming)
College at Brockport – SUNY: Lindsay Dressel – Assistant Coach
Dartmouth College: Jim Wilson – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s), Jenn Verser – Assistant Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Frostburg State University: Justin Anderson – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Georgetown University: James Holder – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
George Washington University: Ashley Dell – Assistant Coach
Hood College: Andrew Bodine – Assistant Coach
Lake Erie College: Nicole Rose – Head Coach (Men’s and Women’s)
Notre Dame College: Mark Dziak – Head Coach (Men’s and Women’s)
Purdue University: Adam Soldati – Head Diving Coach (Men’s and Women’s)
Simmons College: Mindy Williams – Head Coach (Women’s)
Smith College: Kim Bierwert – Coach (Women’s)
U.S. Coast Guard Academy: Mary Westkott – Assistant Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
University of Connecticut (UConn): John Bransfield – Head Diving Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
UMass – Dartmouth: Cathy Motta – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
University of New Hampshire (UNH): Josh Willman – Head Coach (Women’s), Jarrod Zwirko – Assistant Coach (Women’s)
University of Rhode Island (URI): Mick Westkott – Head Coach (Women’s)
University of Wyoming: Tom Johnson – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Western New England College: Andrea Daley – Head Coach (Women’s)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI): Paul Bennett – Head Coach (Men’s & Women’s), Matt Musiak – Assistant Coach (Men’s & Women’s)
Wright State University: Kyle Oaks – Head Coach (Men’s and Women’s)