Rob Watsabaugh | Director of Player Development | Men’s Basketball | University of Wyoming

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

We look for high character kids that show potential in the development process that our program has installed. We also look for good students that perform well in the classroom as we run a program that intelligence is important. Good communication skills are also very important, are we able to carry a conversation and be able to receive and deliver information to that student. Success on the court is also very important being that they are a selfless player and know what qualities come into being a good teammate.


Could you give us an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

We had a student athlete who came in as a freshman as a quiet kid who was under recruited possibly and we were happy to have him. He didn’t play a lot as a freshman behind a large group of upperclassmen but we saw a huge upside in the future with him. He took that year to learn the game and be led by experienced players. He slowly started to blossom in the coming years being very approachable and emerge as a leader. His playing also backed up what he did. He was well respected and soon became the face of the program. He was charismatic to anyone that approached him and would hold conversations with people from the everyday student to our president of the university. Understanding that he could be a piece of something bigger if he trusted the process and let the chips fall where they may. Not only him as a person but the senior class had a vision for the past 3 years to become great and they were able to put themselves in position to win a championship. That’s all they wanted to be in position to give it a shot and they were able to capitalize and achieve that goal and dream.