Andy Tompos | Head Coach | Men’s Golf | Franklin and Marshall

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

In the case of our students there is no question that they are student-athletes and when I recruit this is how they are recruited. So it is important that all our players understand why they are at school. As golfers I look for players who understand the game and are willing to learn how to play to win. Much of golf is mental and many times a less talented player can beat a more talented player because he can out think them on the course. So game management is important. Also, how any player handles adversity on the course is huge. So being able to take the good with the bad is important. Playing under the stress of tournament conditions only gets better as you play more tournaments. Probably the biggest asset is the ability to focus on hitting one shot at a time. I want players who play smart and play within themselves.