Andy Copelan | Head Coach | Men’s Lacrosse | Fairfield University

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

We recruit student – athletes that possess character, toughness, selflessness and potential. At the end of the day, we want to surround ourselves with the right people. The margin for error for winning versus losing is so slim at the collegiate level that it’s almost more important to recruit those specific intangibles that separate good from great. We look for hard working individuals who are winners and who believe in the direction that our lacrosse program is heading.

Could you give an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

We had a gentleman just last year who was at a fork in the road in terms of his lacrosse future. Rather than packing it in and being one of the millions of forty year old men who can only brag about their HS careers, this young man invested more in his summer regiment than any student – athlete I had coached prior. From the first day of fall ball, I had a sense that this individual was more driven than those guys around him to earn a starting spot. Sure enough, he went on to have a successful and fulfilling senior campaign; one that was not a result of him flipping a switch, but through a great deal of work and progress made during the off season.