Greg Munoz | Head Coach | Men’s Tennis | George Washington University

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

When recruiting student athletes, we first look at their grades and athletic accomplishments. The tennis world is small and it is easy to find out the good and bad of each Student-Athelete’s personality. Visits to the school certainly can help or hurt based on their character.

Scholarship athletes at GW for men’s tennis typically need to be top 30 US, have ATP points, or be top 150 ITF juniors.

Non-scholarship athletes can be anything that shows potential but not too far off the above. Typically now, I am looking at walk ons that are top 200 US at worst.


Could you give us an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

We have a player that was 450 ITF, no ATP points, but at age 18 grew 8 inches. I didn’t want recruit him, but he transferred here and is one of our top players.