Doug Helsel | Head Coach | Women’s Basketball | Lancaster Bible College

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

Experience — we need athletes who have enough experience to perform for us and to build upon those skills to improve their game

Coachability — attitude is more important than talent. A willing learner is a growth mindset kind of person, who is always open to change and learning on and off the court.


Could you give us an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

Current 5-11 female freshman guard. I asked her to play in the post in early season practice one day. She said, “I don’t know how to play the post” and continued to dominate our experienced post players. (She was also willing to try it.)

Two weeks later at practice, I asked her if she shot 3’s in HS, and she told me she did not. I told her to try it, and in the next two possessions, she made 2 straight 3’s…she’s currently shooting 40%+ in game 3FG%.