Lauren Healy | Assistant Coach | Women’s Basketball | Gettysburg College

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

I would really like to break it down into two parts, first the student and then the athlete.

Student: Our academic program here at Gettysburg is very rigorous, and we really want to find a diverse population of students who have high academic standards and can achieve in the classroom. We never want to bring in a student who would not be able to handle the high academic demands. However, give those students an opportunity to experience what we have to offer here at Gettysburg. These type of students that we look at must excel in the classroom and have established time management skills.

Athlete: The type of athlete that we hope to bring in, is someone who has a competitive edge. This athlete is willing to do whatever it takes on the court for her team to be successful. Another quality that we look for in an athlete is someone who is a team leader. A team leader is someone who will support their team to the bitter end and can communicate with each individual teammate in a proper manner. Lastly, this athlete would need to possess sound knowledge of the game of basketball and great court awareness. These two qualities are key, because it really defines a total athlete in the sport of basketball. Any athlete who can truly grasp the concept of the sport can excel greatly.


Could you give us an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

A player who exceeded our expectations is a current player, who came in as a Freshman (First-Year). As a D3 college coach, is it hard to determine which freshman are really going to come in and make an impact right away. I think this falls into the lines of them being intimidated by the upper classman or they are nervous, because it is something that they are not used too. That they don’t have that mindset where they are just going to go for it! This First-Year came in and blew us away! It did not matter if she was a First-year or not, she came to play and she started for us the entire season. I hope that for all those incoming First-years, that they know with hard work, they can earn their minutes, even if it is over an upperclassman. It is there time to shine too! Don’t hold anything back, because in the long run, it is going to help the success of the team and their abilities as a player!