Numar Lopez | Head Coach | Women’s Soccer | Johnson and Wales University (Providence)

Describe the qualities that your program is looking for in a potential student-athlete?

Talent is very important, however our coaching staff looks at the following when evaluating recruits:

Physical Attributes–speed, foot work, coordination, height, weight.

Coachability-does she respond well to coaches remarks during games, does she implement changes as asked by the coach.

Competitive spirit-does she embrace 1v1 challenges or does she shy away.

Soccer Technical ability under pressure–how is the body positioning, is she balanced and relaxed, head up or on a swivel.

Defensive posture low to the ground and focus on hips, does she move well.

Soccer Tactical ability- does she play away from pressure, makes the best pass possible to maintain possession of the ball, when making offensive runs does she move into pockets of space while looking back at the play. Does she communicate well with her teammates.

Defensively does she move into spaces which maybe dangerous and eliminate threats.

Commitment is she committed to her team, does she finish plays with or without the ball.

Positive attitude-does she accept the challenges of the game and is she willing to be unselfish so her team can succeed.

Dedication to work, in other words work ethic–nose to the ground looking to roll up sleeves and do the work to the best of your ability.

Could you give an example of a current or former player who exceeded your expectations, highlighting the reasons that player excelled?

One former player was a joker, not focused, without direction, lacked self disciplined but had very good talent.

At about 16 a meeting was had with the player and his path was highlighted with his current talent and lack of focus, another path was illuminated, however this path included lots of work, dedication and the right mentality.

This player decided to take the second path, re-focused his dedication to the game, he became a hard working individual looking to forward to the challenge and reward of hard work, he hit the gym, worked on his aerial part of the game, brought a positive fun competitive attitude to training everyday, accepted and over came all challenges. His new found commitment rewarded him with an opportunity to play for a national ranked Collegiate program.

He could have chosen the path he was on but if he would have he would not be playing collegiate soccer at any level.

At the moment he is the back-up Keeper at Monmouth University and continues to progress and will not be satisfied until he is the starter.