You’re NOT Emailing Multiple College Coaches With The Same Email Are You?

By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

emailing college coachesI have been reading articles and watching videos where College Coaches discuss what high school athletes can do better in the recruiting process. On more than one occasion I noticed college coaches getting irritated when receiving an email from prospective student-athletes with multiple college coaches email addresses, from different schools, also on the email. Please tell me you are not doing this? If you are doing this: PLEASE STOP!


You are putting together a generic email, finding a bunch of coaches email addresses, sending it out and hoping to get coaches to respond. You are thinking this strategy will save time by hitting a lot of coaches with the same message. What you are not seeing is that this strategy is alienating a lot of coaches and hurting your credibility.


College Coaches are the experts when it comes to recruiting emails, not the prospective athlete. Some college coaches get hundreds, if not thousands, of emails on a monthly basis from high school athletes. They can see right away if the recruit put a lot of time into drafting an email or if they put together a generic one to send to multiple coaches.¬†College Coaches become irritated with mass emails like this because they are not personal at all. They become even more irritated when they see many other coaches receiving the exact same email. It’s disrespectful to the college coach because you are not showing them that you care about THEIR school and THEIR program. They feel that you are throwing spaghetti on a wall and hoping something sticks. In my opinion it’s just a bad strategy that will hurt you a lot more than it will help you.


College Coaches want to see emails discussing THEIR program, THEIR school and why YOU want to be a part of it. They want it to be more personal and relevant. Do your research:

  • Learn more about the Coaches and their backgrounds ( i.e. check out their bios on the team’s website, articles, YouTube videos)
  • Learn more about their style of play
  • Check out how the team is doing this season
  • See how many athletes they will graduate prior to you being a freshman
  • Check out the Majors offered at the school to see what interests you


You can then reference this research to write more personal and relevant emails to college coaches. Many high school athletes are not putting in the time to write personalized emails like this so your emails have a better chance of standing out and having a coach respond to you. It’s not easy, it will take some time but you get out what you put in. If your goal is to be a college athlete then it is worth the time.


Find examples of how to write more personalized and relevant emails to college coaches here


Stop sending mass/generic emails. Start doing your research. Be relevant. Be Personal. Be Pro-Active. Don’t Quit. Good luck!


Steve O’Brien




About Steve O'Brien
Steve O'Brien is the co-creator of Goal: College Athlete (GCA). The website was built to inspire young athletes to reach their goal of playing college sports. Information includes a pro-active plan to get the attention of college coaches and also insight from college coaches on what qualities they look for in a potential recruit. Steve played College Hockey at the University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1999. Questions? Send Steve an email at [email protected]

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