Get Recruited Power Point Template – Free Download

I believe high school athletes, who want to be recruited to play their sport in college, should contact college coaches with personal and relevant messages to get their attention and differentiate themselves from other athletes (See my EBook: “Get Pro-Active To Get Recruited).


The student-athlete should research the coaches and team and use that information to write thoughtful emails and have more knowledgable conversations. This can help market themselves as a more attractive recruit.


I have created a Free “Get Recruited Power Point Template” to help high school athletes even further. The “Get Recruited Power Point Template” is a mini-presentation you can send to coaches to show them how much you want to be a part of their program. Below is the Template. I use an example of myself trying to get the attention of the Notre Dame hockey coach:



Sending a Power Point like this will not only differentiate you from other potential recruits but really shows the coach you are putting the time and effort into researching his or her school and are taking the recruiting process seriously.


A Few Notes About How To Use the “Get Recruited Power Point Template”:

-Take out my information and photos and put in your own


-Use slide 2 to insert the reasons why you want to play for a particular School or Coach (Do Your Research)


Slide 3: Add the information YOU want the Coach to see – Make the template your own. Also, if you don’t have an Online Athletic Profile we offer a free one. Sign up here:


-Attach the Power Point to your emails and make sure the coach knows it is attached! Also, makes for a  great subject line in your email: Power Point on Why I Want to Play for Notre Dame (Most Coaches Would Open That Email!)


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