GCA Tip of the Day – How to Use Google Calendar When Scheduling Appointments with College Coaches

By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

Contacting College CoachesIn Today’s Tip I wanted to show you how you can use Google Calendar to help you:

  • Confirm meetings/calls with college coaches
  • Highlight more information about you as a student, athlete and person to college coaches
  • Show your professionalism in the recruiting process


What is Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a FREE time management (calendar) application offered by Google. It enables you to send out Calendar invites which appear in college coaches emails and calendars for them to keep track of daily events and meetings.


Why would I use Google Calendar in my recruiting process?

Stronger Confirmation

Lets say you scheduled a time to speak with a coach. From Google Calendar you could send the coach a calendar invite for that specific date and time. Now the coach will receive an email about that call as well as have the time for the call highlighted in his or her calendar as a reminder. Now that the call/meeting is in the coach’s calendar, they are less likely to forget about the call/meeting or double book another appointment at the same time (yes, this happens often). This gives you better confirmation that the call will happen at the specified date and time.

Highlight More Information About You

When you send out the calendar invite from Google Calendar you can insert information about yourself, for example:

  • Links to your online athletic profile, highlight videos, etc.
  • Grades and Standardized Test Scores
  • Your teams schedule or camps you will be attending

Also, a calendar invite via email also sticks out from other emails. It looks different than a regular email when it comes into the inbox and has a much higher chance of being read so really its just a great opportunity for a coach to learn more about you as a student, athlete and person (I will show an example below on how to insert this information into a Calendar invite below).


Just the fact that you are using Google Calendar and sending out calendar invites will show coaches that you are taking this process seriously and that it means a great deal to you. It also very helpful to the coach, when you send someone a calendar invite you are scheduling their meetings for them, something most people like. They don’t have to do as much work and it keeps their schedule up-to-date.


How do I access Google Calendar?

First, go to Google.com. Go To the top right corner of the page and click on the Blue “Sign In” Button. Now, If you already have a Google account (for example: you have a GMAIL, Google+ or YouTube account) you can just sign in with the same username and password. If you do not have a Google Account you will have to create a new account so click “Create an Account” at the bottom. After you sign-in, go to the top right corner of the screen again and click the blue profile icon. Then, click on “Account”. Should look like this:


be recruited

On the next page, at the top, there is a black bar with links for Search, Maps, Images, Mail, etc. See if “Calendar” is in that row. If so,  Go-ahead and Click on “Calendar”. Now you are in Google Calendar! If not, go to the column on the far left side of the page. At (or near) the bottom you should see “Products”. Click on “Products”:


Contacting College Coaches


Now, on the next page you should see the Icon for Calendar (see top right icon below). Click that and you are in Google Calendar:


student athlete


If you DON’T see the Calendar Icon there, go to the bottom and click on “All Google Products”. From there, scroll down to the “Home & Office” heading and then you will see “Calendar” under “Home & Office.” Click “Calendar”. Now, you will be in Google Calendar.


How to Create and Send a Calendar Invite in Google Calendar to a College Coach?

Example: I (Steve O’Brien) am a junior point guard (basketball player) at Braintree High School and I have a call scheduled with ABC University’s head basketball coach, Jim Smith, on November 21st at 7pm. I want to send Coach Smith a Calendar Invite for the call.

In Google Calendar, I would use my mouse to find November 21st at 7pm and then I would double click on the box for that time. Now a new page will open up to allow you to add details to the invite and send it (it will also block off the time in your Google Calendar):


Emailing College Coaches



Let’s walk through the Fields above for where I would add information to this Calendar invite:

Untitled Event: I would delete “Untitled event” and would add “Call: Steve O’Brien (Junior Point Guard, Braintree High School) and Coach Smith”

Where: Its a call and if I  am calling the coach I would add: “I will call you at 800-555-1212” (the number you would call the coach at, if the coach is calling you put the number you would like him or her to reach you at)

Description: This is where you can insert information highlighting you as a student, athlete and person. For this call I would add:

Hi Coach Smith,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me on the 21st. I added some additional information below to give you a better understanding of who I am as a student, athlete and person. I am looking forward to our call.

Athletic Profile: www.steveobrienathleticprofile.com

Highlight Video: www.youtubesteveobrienhighlightvideo.com

GPA: 3.1 SAT: 1510 ACT: 22

My Schedule: www.myschedule.com



Add Guests (right hand side): I would add Coach Smith’s email address and click “Add”

After I had filled out those fields, my Calendar invite should look like this:


College Coaches calendar invite



Now, after all fields were filled out properly I would go to the top of the page and click the RED ‘Save” button. I will get a Pop-Up which will ask me if I want to send the message. Click Send. I have successfully sent my calendar invite to Coach Smith!

How does the Calendar invite appear in the Coach’s email inbox?

Most schools/universities use Microsoft Office for their email. If you sent a college coach a calendar invite, this is how it would look when they received it in their email:


Emailing College Coaches



As you can see it stands out and looks a lot different then a typical email. Now, you have added this appointment to the coach’s calendar which:

  • Makes the probability of the call occurring at this date and time higher – better confirmation
  • Gives the coach another chance to see your grades, highlight video, online athletic profile, etc. – learn more about you as a student, athlete and person
  • Show that this process is important to you by taking the time and effort to send it – Professionalism

In trying to be recruited, you are in a extremely competitive situation to get coaches attention and have them perceive you in a positive light. Every step matters and although sending calendar invites may sound like a little thing, it may give the edge you need to be recruited by the school you want.


About Steve O'Brien
Steve O'Brien is the co-creator of Goal: College Athlete (GCA). The website was built to inspire young athletes to reach their goal of playing college sports. Information includes a pro-active plan to get the attention of college coaches and also insight from college coaches on what qualities they look for in a potential recruit. Steve played College Hockey at the University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1999. Questions? Send Steve an email at [email protected]

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