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My name is Steve O’Brien, I am the author of “Get Pro-Active To Get Recruited” and the creator of Goal: College Athlete. I want to help high school athletes get to the college level. Maybe I can help you? I can offer guidance and support in areas including:


Steve OBrien KickstarProgram-Building a Target List of Schools
-Emailing Tips & Strategy
-Calling College Coaches
-Creating an Athletic Profile
-Social Media Presence
-Being Pro-Active & Persistent



How it Works

If you are a high school athlete (or parent of one) you can schedule a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with me where we will discuss where you are at in the recruiting process and what schools you are interested in.  I will provide my thoughts and ideas on how I can help and action items you can take. After the conversation you can decide whether you would like me to help further. If you don’t want me to help, no problem and no charge. If you do want me to help, you can select one of the hourly packages below and then we can schedule a time to start executing on those action items.


2 Hours = $40.00

4 Hours = $70.00

(Money Back Guarantee if you are unhappy with the service)


This can be a great way to get your recruiting process going in the right direction. NOTE: I am not a recruiting agency and will not contact college coaches on the athletes behalf. I, and most college coaches I have spoken with, believe the athlete should be the one who contacts the coach. I will offer advice on how YOU can contact and present yourself in the best way to Coaches and Schools.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible to schedule the free 30-minute phone consultation. I hope to hear from you. Thanks! – Steve O’Brien, Goal: College Athlete


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