Recruiting Advice to a Mom of a Sophomore Lacrosse Player

By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

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I wanted to share an email I had sent to a Mom of a Sophomore Lacrosse player who attended the University of Michigan’s “Hot Prospects” camp. The realized that he may have the potential to be a Division 1 Lacrosse Player and were seeking advice on how to Follow Up with the Michigan Lacrosse Staff. Below is my advice to them:

Wow!!!! Michigan must have been a great experience. Great to hear he performed well there and, I think most importantly, you guys can go into this recruiting process full steam ahead knowing Luke is a solid D1 prospect.

In terms of Michigan: First, remember the coaches can’t call or email Luke directly at this point so don’t worry about them not getting back to you (my friend from Braintree is head coach of Xavier Soccer and he says parents get upset when he doesn’t call back but he can’t). They can’t email him back until the start of his junior year, can’t call him until start of his senior year. I have been told the way around this is that he can schedule pre-arranged calls. For example, Michigan would call Luke’s coach and say “Have Luke call me at 7pm Tuesday night.” (Luke can always call the coaches but not vice versa). As this process progresses does Luke have a coach or someone at the school or club team who might be able to help him schedule these types of call? You will figure the communication lines out as you go along but something to consider.

I think Luke’s next step with Michigan should be to send a concise email to all the coaches and staff he met at Michigan Lacrosse. It would include things like:

• Thanking them for their time and invitation to participate in the camp
• The experience and what he got out of it (facilities, information, the competition from the other prospects)
• What he liked about the Michigan lacrosse programs vision and where they want to be (shows he was listening at the camp)
• What he is going to do over the next 12 months to improve physically, mentally and educationally (include in this the “hot prospects” event, high school schedule, all-star games, etc.)
• The Contact Information for pre-arranged phone calls I mentioned above
• That he would love to be a part of Michigan Lacrosse and ask for advice on what he can do to get there

If Luke wants to put a rough draft together and send it to me I would be happy to proof read/edit. Let me know.

In terms of the entire process there is a lot to think about and I am sure it is overwhelmingly. Here is a few different areas I think Luke should be focusing on at this point:

Communicate with as Many Schools as Possible (Always Positive)

• If schools are sending him letters I would recommend emailing back every one of them and thanking them for the interest and that he would like to learn more about the school and program (Obviously respond to Division 1 schools first but also email back Division 2 and 3 schools. Don’t put any schools or divisions in a bucket right now. First, Luke will want to get multiple offers to see what is available to him and give him more control in negotiating (i.e. don’t hitch the tent to one wagon) and also it is good to have positive communication with a lot of schools and coaches. 2 years from now the D2 and D3 coaches he is talking to now could have D1 coaching jobs……you never know and it is a really small world.

• A really good exercise for Luke in the next month is to send an email to the coaches who might be at the UMass Fall Classic in November.

If he sends the email like I mentioned above to Michigan he can you use a lot of them same stuff to send to these coaches and let them know he will be participating and maybe schedule a time to speak with them during the camp.


Pretty simple: The better grade point average he has combined with SAT/ACT scores will only give Luke more and better offers and options

You probably have this sheet (I’m sure they talked about it at Michigan) but this is a MUST read for you guys if you haven’t:

Here is the notes for sophomores in high school in that link:

Freshmen and Sophomores
•Start planning now!
•Work hard to get the best grades possible.
•Most high schools have a List of NCAA Courses. Take classes
that match your high school’s List of NCAA Courses. The NCAA
Eligibility Center will use only approved core courses to certify
your initial eligibility.
•You can access and print your high school’s List of NCAA
Courses at Click the NCAA CollegeBound Student-Athlete link to enter and then navigate to the
“Resources” tab and select “U.S. Students” where you will find the
link for the List of NCAA Courses.
• At the beginning of your sophomore year, complete your online
registration at
•If you fall behind, do not take short cuts. Classes you take
must be four-year college preparatory and must meet NCAA

Make sure he registers with the Eligibility Center (he may have done this already).

If Luke is not a great test-taker getting a tutor for taking standardized tests would be a good idea.

Best of luck and let me know if you have any additional questions.




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