Pro-Active Recruiting


 Welcome to “Pro-Active Recruiting!” The guide provides in-depth strategies and a step-by-step plan to help you attract college coaches’ attention, engage with them and get you on their recruiting lists. If you can be successful doing this with multiple coaches and schools, the chances of getting the best offer possible and finding the school that fits best for YOU greatly increases.

Table of Contents



Why I Wrote This Guide

How To Read This Guide and What You Should Take-Away

The Recruiting Process is Important and Deserves Your Dedicated Focus


Section 1: Building the Proper List of Schools to Target

Validation – How Good Am I?

Comparing Yourself to Other Athletes

What Others Think of Your Athletic Ability?

Commentary: Asking Others about Your Athletic Ability | Changing Strategies

Academic Evaluation

Creating and Organizing Your Target List of Schools


Section 2: Optimizing Your Personal Brand

Your Facebook and Social Media Presence: Start Cleaning It Up

Utilizing YouTube: Highlight Athletic Ability and Character With Video

What Types of Recruiting Videos Should You Create?

Personal Video

Individual Skill Video

Game Highlights Video

Reference Videos: Coach, Teammates, Parents, etc.

How to Create These Recruiting Videos

Creating an Online Athletic Profile

Why You Should Set Up a Dedicated Email Account for Your Recruiting Process

Creating an Email Signature – What it Should Look Like

NCAA Eligibility Center – Get it Done



 Section 3: Pro-Active Recruiting Strategy – Planning and Execution to Get Attention and Be Recruited

Being Pro-Active is a Good Thing

The Strategy and Process Needed to be Recruited


It’s About Them (The Coaches and their Programs) Not You

Don’t Assume You Know What Coaches Are Thinking

Why You Need to Understand the Evolution of Role Players in College Sports

Learn the Program and Coach’s Background

What Do You Want to Study? Have a Clue

Why Should You Do All This Research? To Be Recruited

Why Email is Crucial to Be Recruited

Examples of Relevant Emails to Send to College Coaches | Example Email: Referencing a Quote from a Coach

Example Email: Referencing a Quote from a Coach (Continued)

Example Email: Referencing the Program’s Upcoming Losses to Graduation

Example Email: You Have Played With a Member of the Current Team

Example Email: The Team Just Won a Game/Event

Example Email: Contacting Assistant Coaches

Remember: Numbers Game

The Best Time to Send Emails to Coaches

Why You Must Pro-Actively Follow Up With Coaches

Calling Coaches: Scripts on What To Say

Example Script: Leaving a Coach a Voicemail


Section 4: Making the Best Impression and Negotiating Offers

Be Respectful to College Coaches and Schools

Be In Shape When You Meet Coaches

Dress Accordingly to be Recruited

Negotiating Offers and Taking Control of Your Recruiting Process

Don’t Be Rushed

Taking Your Emotions Out of the Process (at least trying to)

Honest Communication and Creating the Bidding War

Go With Your Gut


Conclusion: Playing College Sports – An Unbelievable Experience Worth all the Hard Work