Section 1: Building the Proper List of Schools to Target

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Section 1: Building The Proper List of Schools to Target

The ultimate goal of this guide is to help you engage with coaches and get the best offer for YOU. Why is building the proper list of schools important?

• Provides you with targets schools: ones that are realistic from an academic, athletic and “fit” perspective. This will increase your chances of gaining coaches’ attention, getting on more recruiting lists, and hopefully receiving multiple offers.

• Helps focus your time and energy on the right schools. If you have a list of schools that are unrealistic from an ability and “fit” perspective, you are taking your time and energy away from the schools that are in need and are actively looking for a player like you.



To help you build your target list of schools we will discuss:


Validation – How Good Am I?

Comparing Yourself to Other Athletes

What Do Others Think of Your Athletic Ability?

Academic Evaluation

Creating and Organizing Your Target List of Schools


Let’s get started with Validation….

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