Example Script: Leaving a Coach a Voicemail

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Example Script: Leaving a College Coach a Voicemail

Taking my example email of Referencing a Coach’s Quote (Coach Watson) we will now discuss how you might leave him a voicemail.  Always remember – (PBR) Purpose, Benefit, Request:


Example Call Script: Voicemail

Hi Coach Watson,

Purpose: I am following up on an email I sent earlier in the week (or last week) regarding your article in evansvilleliving.com on how your players changed their roles and raised their level of play throughout the past season. I wanted to call and find out if you had a chance to look at the email and the link to my profile page.

Benefit: My name is Steve O’Brien. I am a junior point guard at Braintree High School. I carry those characteristics you are looking for in a player and would love to be part of your program in the future.

Request: I will be visiting the Southern Indiana campus the week of October 21st (for example) and wanted to know if you had some time to meet and discuss your program and the recruiting process? I would also welcome the opportunity to speak with you or one of your assistants prior? Please let me know.

Coach Watson, I can be reached at 555-555-1212. Again, its Steve O’Brien at 555-555-1212. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks Coach.


A couple of points I want to highlight on this voicemail script:

Length: This script is short and concise. I just timed myself practicing this script. I spoke at a regular pace (not rushed) and it took me a little under 45 seconds. You do not want this to be long. People do not even like checking their voicemail anymore, let alone listening to a long message, so keep it short.

Introduction: Notice how I started the script. I referenced the details of the email first. I did not say start with “Hi Coach, This is Steve O’Brien. I am a point guard from Braintree High School….” This is another way to differentiate yourself from the norm by being more relevant to the coach and putting the focus on HIS program and not on solely on YOU!



Commentary – Preparing Before Calling a Coach


Before you call the coach make sure you are in front of your computer and have open the original email you sent to the coach in front of you. Have it already forwarded with the coach’s email already in the To: box ready to send. If the coach is in front of their computer you can tell them “I will re-send it now” instead of having them search through their inbox. Also, make sure you have all your notes, spreadsheets and research on that particular school in front of you for reference. Finally, make sure you have an open notebook or word document to take down information and notes from the coach.


By this point in the Guide you should have accomplished  4 keys tasks in the process:


• Picked the proper list of target schools based on your self-evaluation (athletically and academically)

Optimized your personal brand (i.e. Facebook, Social Networks)

• Created your Online Athletic Profile, Videos and Email Account

Sent the proper messaging (doing your research and guided by my examples) to all head and assistant coaches at your target schools (2 Emails and a Call). If no response, wait a month and do the process again (possibly with new messaging)


I feel that if you have worked hard at these 4 tasks then you have pro-actively planned and executed your strategy in order to get the attention of coaches to be recruited. Through this process you have likely given yourself a far greater chance to catch the coaches attention and get yourself a meeting (or some kind of next step), which is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in being recruited by any program. In other words, by this point you have done most of the heavy lifting. Once you get that “foot in the door” coaches can get to know you (and you can get to know them) to see if their program might be the best fit for you.


After the planning and executing, you are ready to move on to the final section – Making the Best Impression and Negotiating Offers.


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