Calling Coaches: Scripts on What To Say

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Calling Coaches: Scripts on What To Say

If you have sent two emails and have not heard back after 72 hours of the 2nd email it is time to place a call. Prior to calling you should put together 2 short scripts to guide you. One script if the coach picks up the phone, the other if you have to leave a voicemail. This will help you be clear with your message, help the coach identify you (and your email) and set yourself up to make a request. In the script you should leverage your original email and still abide by the Purpose, Benefit, Request model I illustrated in the email examples. For example, if I were going to give Coach Watson a call (see original email example for Coach Watson here), my script would read something like this (the portion highlighted in blue is the student-athlete’s part):


Example Call Script: Coach Picks up Phone

Hi Coach Watson,

My name is Steve O’Brien and I am a point guard at Braintree High School. Did I catch you at a bad time? (Show respect for their time, you are calling them unplanned).

If they say it is a bad time or they are busy. Immediately say: “I completely understand, would there be a good time today or tomorrow to give you a call back?” (then stop talking and do not say a word until the coach responds). The coach might say what is this regarding? If the coach says this continue on with the script below. If the coach gives you a time, write it down, tell the coach thank you and that you will call him or her back at the time (make sure you call back at that time!). When you call back, use the script below.

Purpose:I am following up on an email I sent earlier in the week (or last week) regarding your article in on how your players changed their roles and raised their level of play throughout the past season. I wanted to see if you got a chance to look at my email and profile I sent you on Tuesday? (say the exact day)

If  Coach says Yes: Benefit is known because the coach has looked at your email and profile

If Coach says No: See last paragraph of this page

Request:“Great, I have been a big fan of your program and would love to be a part (or anything relevant: maybe you know one of his or her players, went to one of their camps, etc). I will be visiting the Southern Indiana campus the week of October 21st (for example) and wanted to know if you had some time to meet and discuss your program and the recruiting process? (Stop talking and do not say a word until the coach speaks).

If the coach:

  • Gives you a date and time: Schedule the meeting and thank him or her for the time. I would also send them a calendar invite (you can do this via Google calendar) and inside the body of the invite thank them for the time and let them know you are looking forward to it.
  • Says it is not a good week: Ask them when would be a good week (date and time) and you would be happy to adjust your schedule accordingly to meet.
  • Says they are not interested or are all set from a recruiting perspective: If this is a program you want to be a part of badly ask the coach what alternative routes you could potentially take to be a part of the program? (i.e. Club/Junior team? Post-graduate year? Junior College?) The coach might give you an inside view of how they have recruited some athletes not directly from high school. You could possibly pursue this route if you wanted to be a part of this program.



Regardless, thank the coach for his time and if anything changes in the future to have them contact you. You can still “check-in” with the coach in 6-8 weeks to see if anything has changed. The pursuit is not over. Also, if he or she did give you some advice on alternative routes and you looked into them you could always send a thank you e-mail to him or her with your progress and questions you may have. This will show you are serious, that you really want to be part of their program and keep you connected to the coach.       If the Coach has NOT seen your email or profile: Ask them if they are in front of a computer (hopefully they are at their desk). If they are, tell them you are re-sending the email now, have them take a look and point out the highlights in the profile and then walk them through the script above (i.e. requesting a meeting, school visit or whatever the best way for you to engage). Continue the script to try and schedule a time. If they are not in front of a computer and have not seen the email, tell them you will re-send the email for them to have a look when they get a chance. Continue on with the script to see if you can get a meeting. When you send the original email to them again make sure you reference the call, i.e. “Thanks for taking the time today. My original email and profile are below.”

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