Creating and Organizing Your Target List of Schools

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Creating and Organizing Your Target List of Schools

After you complete your self-evaluation, asked others what level they believed you can play at, and gone over your academic profile while taking into consideration schools that are already interested, you should be able to build a list of schools to pro-actively prospect and follow up with: informing them of your desire to be a part of their program and academic institution. Building this list should be done in a organized way (i.e. spreadsheet) and you should have a minimum of 15 schools (the more the better at the start) on this list. To get this list started, go to each school’s athletic website and identify the names, titles, emails and phone numbers of each head and assistant coach in your sport.

Your spreadsheet should start to look something like this:

Be Recruited - Creating a Target List











Second, add notes to schools on your list where you have a personal connection. Maybe you have played with a player currently on the team, maybe you have a family member who played for the team in the past or is an alumni of the school, you could have been at a camp that an assistant coach was working. Whatever personal connections you can think of jot them down. They might prove valuable in drawing attention to you down the road.

Save and File this spreadsheet for now. We will get back to it.


Now that you have built your target list of schools you are ready for the next section: Optimizing Your Personal Brand


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