How to Create These Recruiting Videos

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How to Create These Recruiting Videos

Skill Video: I think the skill video should be professionally done (if you can afford it) or done with camera that will provide a clear, professional looking video. You could have your parents, brother, sister or teammates do the filming.

Another good idea is to ask your audio/visual department at school to come to practice and do some individual filming of you and your teammates (if they are trying to be recruited as well). They would probably do a great job, cut you a nice video and maybe create your Youtube Channel for you! You never know unless you ask.


Highlight Video: If your current coaches film games and breakdown video, you could ask them to try to produce a highlight video of you. 10-12 positive clips should make for a nice highlight video.

Reference Video: First, you have to ask the individual (i.e. coach, parents, teammates, etc.) if they are willing to do the video. If they agree, send them the questions I mentioned above as a guide and get them thinking of how they would like to answer. In terms of the recording, there are a couple of different, inexpensive ways to do this. They could record the video from a laptop or PC that has a webcam. This way they could do it in private and make sure they got it right before sending it to you. You could also record these videos via a mobile or smart phone. These videos don’t have to look as professional as your skill video. Obviously, if you have access to a video camera, this might be the easiest thing to do.

You can take these videos and upload them to your Youtube Channel, Online Athletic Profile (next section), Facebook page, school websites or anywhere that might give you increased exposure. In upcoming sections, I will discuss how video and your Youtube Channel will complement your email strategy to get the attention of more college coaches.


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