Example Email: The Team Just Won a Game/Event

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Example Email: The Team Just Won a Game/Event

You should keep tabs of the teams on your target list of schools to see how they are doing during the current season. If you are trying to engage with a coach you could send them an email after a big win.

Example Scenario: You are a senior third baseman playing baseball for ABC High School in Tacoma, WA. You notice that one of the schools on your target list just beat their rivals (let’s call them College University) in a big game. (Remember Purpose, Benefit, Request)


Example Email: The Team Just Won a Game/Event

Subject: Coach Smith – Congratulations on your big win yesterday against College University!


Hi Coach Smith,

Purpose: I was reading online about your big win against College University. Congratulations! I wanted to connect because I would love to be a part of this type of competitive atmosphere when I play college ball.

Benefit: My name is Steve O’Brien and I am a senior 3rd baseman at ABC High School in Tacoma, WA. I am currently in the Top 5 in league batting average and carry a 3.0 GPA. I have been admiring your program and I think my skills and character would be a great addition to your club.

Please see my full profile (stats, grades, video, referrals): www.steveobrien.com (Add Hyperlink to Your Online Athletic Profile)

Request: Coach Smith, I will be coming to campus at the end of this month and was hoping you would have some time to meet with me to discuss your program and what you are looking for in a potential recruit? Also, I will be playing in the Washington High School All-Star weekend on June 13th-15th. I am not sure if you will be attending?

I appreciate your time and please let me know if you are available to meet when I come to campus. Thanks.



Steve O’Brien ‘13
Senior | Third Baseman | Tacoma High School
GPA: 3.3 | SAT: 1510 | ACT: 22
Steve O’Brien Baseball Profile (Add Hyperlink to Your Online Athletic Profile)
Video: Highlights and References (Add Hyperlink to Your YouTube Channel and Videos)
Phone: 888-555-1212


Disclaimer: The text Purpose, Benefit, Request words I insert above are a guide for you the reader. Do NOT insert the text Purpose, Benefit, Request in your actual emails!!

In this example, I think the coach will definitely open the email because of the subject line: who is not going to open up a positive subject line like that? Not too many people. The email shows that you are paying attention and keeping tabs on the program, demonstrating that you are doing a lot more than the average high school athlete trying to be recruited. Also, you mention how you want to be a part of a big game and that type of atmosphere. It signals to the coach you get what competition is all about and there is more to it than just showing up to the field and worrying about your batting average (i.e. personal stats).



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