Example Email: Contacting Assistant Coaches

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Example Email: Contacting Assistant Coaches

You should be sending assistant coaches emails, in addition to the head coach. Most programs have one assistant coach dedicated as “recruiting coordinator.” The head coach might have the final say in whether or not they will make you an offer but the assistant coaches can be just as important (sometimes more so) when it comes to getting on their radar. Again, you want to be as personalized and relevant as possible with the assistant coaches but you can still use the same information you used for the head coach in your emails to the assistants. In the “referencing a coach’s quote example” , you could change the subject line to: “Coach Watson’s Quote in Evansvilleliving.com” and then in the body have the same message but tailored toward the assistant coach. Here is an example you could send to Coach Watson’s assistant, Coach Smith:

(Note: Edits to original email in bold)


Example Email: Contacting Assistant Coaches

Subject: Coach Watson’s Quote in Evansvilleliving.com


Hi Coach Smith,

I came across Coach’s Watson’s quote on Evansvilleliving.com and I wanted to connect: “What impressed me about last year was how everyone changed their roles. Guys went from being second line players to the front line; they moved up on every opponent’s scouting report.”

My name is Steve O’Brien and I am very interested in becoming part of the Southern Indiana basketball program. Much like your current players did for the program this year, I pride myself in being a team player, abiding by the team system and doing whatever it takes to win. I am a junior point guard and in the top 15% of my class academically at Braintree High School in Braintree, MA. I want to major in Business and have been researching USI’s College of Business program.

Please see my full profile (stats, grades, video, referrals): www.steveobrien.com (Add Hyperlink to Your Online Athletic Profile)

Coach Smith, I will be visiting the Southern Indiana campus in late October and was hoping you  would have some time to meet? I would also be open to scheduling a call prior at your convenience? Please let me know if this is possible.

I appreciate your time and I am very eager to meet and learn more about what you are looking for in a student-athlete and the overall goals of the program.



Steve O’Brien ‘14
Junior | Point Guard | Braintree High School
GPA: 3.3 | SAT: 1510 | ACT: 22
Steve O’Brien Basketball Profile (Add Hyperlink to Your Online Athletic Profile)
Video: Highlights and References (Add Hyperlink to Your YouTube Channel and Videos)
Phone: 888-555-1212


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