Example Email: You Have Played with a Member of the Current Team

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Example Email: You Have Played with a Member of the Current Team

Example Scenario: You are a women’s lacrosse player (Julia Pierce) trying to get recruited by a team where one of your former teammates or friends (let’s say her name is Janet Kelly) is currently playing. Your position is attacker. First, hopefully your friend is trying to help you with the coach internally by telling the coach of your interest and putting in a good word for you. Also, you should have had a good conversation with Janet about the school and program to get a solid understanding of what the coach wants to see in a student-athlete. In this example, let’s say Janet told you the coach loves team leaders and athletes who consistently work hard at practice day in and day out. Next, if you have not engaged with the coaching staff and want to, you could send an email like this (remember Purpose, Benefit, Request):


Example Email: You Have Played with a Member of the Current Team

Subject Line: Janet Kelly


Hi Coach Smith,

Purpose: My name is Julia Pierce. I was a high school teammate of Janet Kelly at XYZ High School in Weymouth, MA. Janet has told me a lot about the team and university and I would really like to be a part of a program like yours.

Benefit: I am junior attacker at XYZ High School. I am an assistant captain as a junior and an accomplished high school scorer. I am one of those “last players to leave” who constantly works on their game, always bringing my teammates with me.

Please see my full profile (stats, grades, video, referrals): www.juliapierce.com (Add Hyperlink to Your Online Athletic Profile)

Request: I will be on campus November 10th to watch your game (and see Janet play) and was hoping you would have some time to meet before or after the game? I would also be happy to schedule a call prior? I appreciate your time and please let me know.




Julia Pearce ‘14
Junior | Attacker | XYZ High School
GPA: 3.3 | SAT: 1510 | ACT: 22
Julia Pearce Lacrosse Profile (Add Hyperlink to Your Online Athletic Profile)
Video: Highlights and References (Add Hyperlink to YouTube Channel and Videos)
Phone: 888-555-1212


Disclaimer: The text Purpose, Benefit, Request words I insert above are a guide for you the reader. Do NOT insert the text Purpose, Benefit, Request in your actual emails!!

In this example, I like the subject line just being Janet Kelly. If a coach sees one of their players names in the subject line they are probably going to open up the email out of general curiosity. In the benefit piece using the information your friend gave you should prove relevant to the coach and hit a cord because you are letting them know you are already doing things they care about and value in a student-athlete. In the request, stating you are coming to see Janet play makes it more personal which is always better.



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