How to Read This Guide and What You Should Take-Away

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How to Read this Guide

There is no ONE way to read this guide. For some it might be best to go through every section one-by-one and execute everything step-by-step. For others, you might cut right to different sections like “Why Email is Crucial to Be Recruited”, “Utilizing Youtube” or “Cleaning up your Facebook page” to help in your current recruiting strategy. Some sections will be more valuable to some potential recruits than others. Utilize the guide the best way you see fit.


What You Should Take-Away From This Guide

There are 3 main points for hopeful college athletes like yourself to take-away from this guide regardless if you read the whole thing or only a few sections:


• The majority of athletes trying to play college sports MUST be Pro-Active in their recruiting efforts. Pro-Active means being pleasantly persistent with the coaches on your list, sticking to your plan (no matter what) and executing the strategy YOURSELF.


• Executing the strategies and processes in this guide will not only help you get coaches’ attention but will provide coaches a more professional and serious impression of YOU, positioning yourself as a more attractive recruit.


• Use the examples and tips within the guide to help YOU think “outside the box” when it comes to your recruiting strategy. Points of emphasis in the guide including “Sending RELEVANT emails/messages” and “It’s about THEM (the coaches and schools) and not YOU” will help differentiate you from everyone else and get coaches attention.


“There are a lot of people and “experts” out there telling you to “reach out” and “connect” with college coaches but no one is telling you exactly how to do that the proper way. This guide fills that void and gives you a great start in your GOAL of playing college sports.”


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