Section 4: Making the Best Impression and Negotiating Offers

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Section 4: Making the Best Impression and Negotiating Offers

The previous sections have helped you get the attention and engage with multiple coaches. Hopefully, you are now on several recruiting lists enabling you to engage further in the recruiting process and ultimately getting offers from schools and teams that would be a great fit for you.

The first step of getting a coaches attention can be difficult but if you are successful there is still a lot of work to do – which is good news. Now, I can’t tell you exactly how to act or what to do as the recruiting process continues because you ultimately need to be yourself, but I did want to add some helpful tips and best practices, based on my experiences, to help you make a good impression on coaches:


Be Respectful to the Coaches and School

Be in Shape When you Meet Coaches

Dress Accordingly to Be Recruited

Negotiating Offers and Taking Control of the Process

Don’t Be Rushed

Taking Your Emotions out of the Process (or at least trying to)

Honest Communication and Creating a Bidding War

Go with Your Gut


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