Remember: Numbers Game

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Remember: Numbers Game

We have now gone over some strategic, attention-grabbing emails to send to coaches. I want to re-iterate (which I have and will continue to do several times in this guide) the mindset you have to have early in this process. The mindset revolves around two words that are the core of this process: “NUMBERS GAME”. What I mean by “NUMBERS GAME” is you have to try to connect with many schools and coaches and you have to try and connect with individual coaches multiple times:


More pro-activity (emails and phone calls)

Engagement with more coaches

Potential for a greater number of offers


A Numbers Game mentality means taking your emotions out of the process when it comes to not receiving a response back, and sticking to the strategy and plan. You could write the best, most relevant email the coach has ever seen and they still might not respond. The ONE thing you CAN’T do if you want to be successful in this process and get the best offer possible is SLOW DOWN or STOP being pro-active and contacting all of the coaches on your list. I know, not hearing back from a coach, especially if you send them a great email that you put time into can be discouraging. It is a rejection, it is a NO and it can be tough to take. But remember, when you don’t hear back from a coach keep thinking: “NUMBERS GAME” and continue to be pro-active and pleasantly persistent. If you are realistic with the schools you are targeting (i.e. you did the proper self-evaluation in Section 1) the “NUMBERS GAME” mindset combined with relevant, attention grabbing messaging will give you a much better chance of scheduling meetings/visits with these coaches and put you in a better position to get the offer you want. On the flip side, if you get some responses and interest from coaches DO NOT stop being pro-active either. Make sure you continue the process through every school on the list. It is easy to get interest, i.e. “feel the love”, from a couple of schools and think “Okay, I’ll just choose one of these schools.” If you do that, you are doing yourself a disservice. Getting as many schools into the mix will not only allow you to get a better understanding of more schools, but it will also help you find the coaches and programs that will be the best fit for you. Plus it will also give you more chips at the negotiating table. It does not matter if you are a recruit negotiating a full scholarship or just trying to get your books paid for, you want to have as many schools interested to give you more control (and confidence) when negotiating offers. If you only have one or two schools presenting an offer you have a lot less leverage than if you have five or six. Remember: “NUMBERS GAME” and keep being pro-active and relevant.


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