Why Email is Crucial To Be Recruited

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Why Email is Crucial To Be Recruited

One of the biggest things I want you to take away from this guide is how important your email strategy is in your recruiting process. It is HUGE. Why? Because it is the only way coaches in the majority of all college sports and divisions can communicate with you before your senior year of high school. For most sports, coaches can’t call you over the phone until your senior year but they can start communicating with you via email (and Facebook, social networks, etc.) starting the first day of classes of your junior year.

The more effective you are at communicating via email the better chance you have of getting on a coach’s recruiting list and the better chance you have of getting an offer. This is a great opportunity because I believe the majority of emails coach’s get from athletes are “All about Me” emails that are irrelevant and get deleted quickly. This is your chance to create quality emails that are relevant, attention grabbing and ones that will trigger a response and get you engaged with more schools and programs.


You can utilize email in so many ways to schedule a next step or gain exposure with coaches:


To schedule calls with coaches (they can ask you to call them)

• Schedule unofficial visits

• Let coaches know you will be attending their camps or others in the area

• Let coaches know what showcases/tournaments your will be participating in

• Send them a link to your online profile/videos

• Make them aware of your grades/test scores


The key to get these next steps is creating relevant, attention grabbing emails. Utilizing the research you have done to hit a cord with coaches in a more personal way.



In the next section, I will walk through examples of relevant, attention grabbing emails that will give you a better chance of getting a coach to respond. Use these emails as a guide in helping you “think outside the box” when you start to compose your emails and remember: It’s about THEM not YOU.


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