What Types of Video Should You Create

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What Types Of Video Should You Create

I believe you should create a range of videos focused on your athletic ability and character. Here are some videos I would create if I were trying to be recruited:


Personal Video

You should create a short video (2-3 minutes) that will allow coaches to see you and get to know you. Just you in front of the camera. Here is what you could mention:


• Your name

• Sport

• High School

• Year of Graduation

• GPA and Test Scores (academic awards)

• Athletic highlights (stats, times, awards)

• What qualities you will bring to a program


You will be sending this video via email so you can also mention that you would like to schedule a call, meeting or school visit, and that your contact details (phone and email) are in the email you sent them with the Youtube link if they want to coordinate a date and time.


If you wanted to take the Personal Video a step further you could create videos personalized to that particular program. In upcoming sections, I mention the research  you should do on your target schools. You could utilize this research to create specific videos for specific coaches and schools where you reference what they are looking for, based on your research, and what you can bring to their program. These videos could be extremely powerful in getting you on a coach’s recruiting list.


Individual Skill Video

This should be no more than a 3-minute video showing off your skills. It can be you just free styling. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. For example:


Basketball player: record a video of you running, dribbling, passing and shooting

Track & Field: running form or event

Lacrosse player: running, passing, shooting, stick skills

Hockey player: skating, stick-handling, shooting

Skiing: use training or race video taken by your coach


You want to give the coach a glimpse that you are in fact a legit athlete. You are not going to prove the world to them in this video, nor should you. I will say if you can do something special that other athletes can’t, put it in the video. The goal is to get a little more exposure and get a coach to respond, engage and set up a next step.


Game Highlights

If your high school games are being taped and you can get access to those recordings you should also create 3-4 minute highlight tape. You don’t have to show great plays all the time (although don’t leave any out). You can also show the little things you do well, and that college coach’s love. For example:


Football: throwing a block

Hockey: winning faceoffs

Soccer: Consistent quality corner kicks

I am not an expert in every sport but you get the point.

Here is a great example video. This is Drew Laundry, Sophomore Varsity Lacrosse Player (Attack) at Billerica Memorial High School in Billerica, Massachusetts:



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