be recruitedHello Current College Athlete,

Goal: College Athlete’s mission is to help high school athletes reach their goal of becoming college athletes and we are hoping you could help us? You have been through the recruiting process and we wanted to use your experience and insight to help current high school athletes reach their goal of playing college sports.

We are hoping you could describe (in 350 words or more) the overall process of how you were recruited?

a.k.a. “Your Recruiting Story”



Please use these questions below as a guide for your writing (note: these questions are only a guide, please write as freely as you like about your recruiting experience):


• When did you start interacting with schools and coaches? Sophomore year? Junior year?

• Did you have a plan to try and get recruited? Did you have a list of schools you wanted to be a part of? If so, please describe?

• Did you contact coaches via phone and email? Was it effective? How?

• Did you use a recruiting agency to help you? If so, what agency and what did you think?

• What did you do from an academic standpoint to help you be a more attractive recruit?

• Did you create an online athletic profile? What service did you use? How did you use it? Did it help?

• Did you create a highlight video? How did you use it? Did it help?

• Did your parents help you with this process? Did your high school coach? How?

• What was the one thing you learned or would have done differently if you had to do the recruiting process all over again?

Again ANY and ALL detail is welcome and appreciated! Please tell us YOUR story!


If you submit your recruiting story (see form below to submit)  it will be posted in our “How I Got Recruited” Section for high school athletes and their parents to read. This will provide them real-life tips and feedback to help them connect with coaches, get attention and reach the goal you have already achieved: Playing College Sports!


If you have any questions please send an email to: [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

We hope to hear “Your Recruiting Story” and thank you for sharing!


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