GCA Tip of the Day – Stay Confident, Persist and Be More Pro-Active To Get Recruited

Recruiting emailsBy Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

Are you losing confidence in your recruiting process? Are schools you had hope to hear from not contacting you? Are you feeling down that you may not play at the school or the level you think you can?

My Advice: STAY CONFIDENT, PERSIST and be more PRO-ACTIVE! In the Student-Athlete Guide to Be Recruited I talk about speaking to others (i.e. coaches, parents, etc.) and looking yourself in the mirror to receive validation on how good of an athlete you are and what college teams you should be targeting. If you went through the validation process properly you should be confident that you can receive offers from some (maybe not all, but some) of the schools on your target list. Your next step is to ensure that every coach (head or assistant) on your target list knows:

  • You would love to be a part of their program
  • How you are going to benefit the coach and their team (this will take some research on what coaches want in a student-athlete)
  • That you are available for a call, meeting and/or will provide them anything they need to learn more about you as a student, athlete and person

You would be surprised how many coaches WANT players who tell them they want to be a part of their program and why. It shows that you have done your research on the coach and program (i.e. YOU CARE) and that you are taking  this process seriously.

If you are feeling down – Stay Confident, Persist and Get Pro-Active: contact TEN coaches on your target list this week by sending them a relevant, attention grabbing email letting them know you want to be a part of their program.

What do you have to lose? The worst thing that will happen is that the coach will not respond or say they are not interested. As Wayne Gretzky said: “You miss 100% percent of the shots you DON’T take!”

Stay the course and persist: Good things will happen.


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About Steve O'Brien
Steve O'Brien is the co-creator of Goal: College Athlete (GCA). The website was built to inspire young athletes to reach their goal of playing college sports. Information includes a pro-active plan to get the attention of college coaches and also insight from college coaches on what qualities they look for in a potential recruit. Steve played College Hockey at the University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1999. Questions? Send Steve an email at [email protected]

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