How to Use Twitter to Write College Coaches Better Emails

By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

Use Twitter for RecruitingIf you have read the Student-Athlete Guide To Be Recruited or some of my other blog posts on recruiting and how to get a college coach’s attention you may have noticed that I put a lot of emphasis on sending messages that are personal and relevant to the coach (instead of sending some generic/spammy type message). I feel if you send a more personal message it will not only resonate with the coach but also it shows the coach that you have been doing the research and are genuinely interested in their program. I believe coaches appreciate and will respond to these messages at a higher percentage than generic ones.

Now a tough question is where do I find this information about these coaches to send a more personal message? I provide some information within the Student-Athlete Guide To Be Recruited here but I have recently come to realize that Twitter can also be a great place to find out more about coaches and what they are thinking. Many college coaches now have Twitter accounts and are Tweeting on a regular basis. If you start to read some you can get a good understanding of their mentality and what they like when it comes to their sport by what they are Tweeting or re-Tweeting.

For example, if you were researching Creighton’s Men’s Basketball Coach, Greg McDermott, and went to his Twitter account you would find a couple of Tweets/re-Tweets like the ones below that can give you a better understanding of what is important to him (he Re-Tweeted the 2nd one):



Here is another Tweet from Eric Pogue, Head Coach of Oakland University Men’s Soccer:




Now when you write an email to these coaches you can be more personal and relevant. For example, if you were emailing Coach Pogue you could start the email with something like this:


Hi Coach Pogue,

My name is Steve O’Brien and I’ll be a junior this fall at Boston High School in Boston, MA. I have dedicated my life to soccer, have a tremendous work ethic, am extremely coachable and want to get better everyday. I know these qualities are important to you and are reasons why I want to be a part of your program.

I am attending the Fall Showcase in New York and was hoping you or your staff would have time to meet with me………



I believe writing emails like this consistently will give you a better response rate and engaged with more coaches and programs.

Coaches also post Tweets to their videos, interviews and information about their program, athletic department and University so if you have a coach on your list to contact make sure to take a few minutes to see if they have a Twitter account and see what they are posting…… can only help.

Best of Luck!



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