Video: College Softball Coaches Discuss Recruiting Do’s & Dont’s

By Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete


I came across the above video on the NCSA Sports  YouTube channel. I think the softball coaches make excellent points that can really help the high school athlete within their own recruiting process. Also, many of the things they mention are also items we write about here on the GCA website.


Below I noted some key points in the video and where applicable added the related GCA link to help you in these areas for your recruiting process:


0:00 (Start of Video) – Amanda Lehotak, Head Coach at USTA (University of Texas – San Antonio), says coaches are watching your reaction after games, how you interact with your parents and respect for the game.


0:45 – Craig Snider, Assistant Coach at Florida State University, comments on high school softball players committing to early and not taking the time to find a school that fits best for them. He makes a very good point and I wrote a piece giving reasons why high school athletes should not feel pressure to commit so early.


1:03 – Nicole Trimboli, Head Coach of Regis University, gives some tips when emailing college coaches. Please check out my article on why I think email is crucial in your recruiting process.


2:12 – Rhonda Revelle, Head Coach of the University of Nebraska, discusses being Pro-Active in the recruiting process and not waiting around for schools to come to you. I wrote an EBOOK on this topic: “Be Pro-Active to Be Recruited”. Taking a more professional and pro-active approach can give you more options and better chance on finding a school that is best for you.


2:44 – Vann Stuedeman, Head Coach at Mississippi State University, discusses the impact social media can have on the recruiting process. I go into more detail here on the importance of taking care of your social media presence and personal brand.


3:33 – Barb Sherwood, Assistant Coach at Virginia Tech, talks about potential recruits not knowing the rules of when college coaches are allowed to talk to recruits and how it sometimes makes it awkward for college coaches.


I thought the coaches mades some great points in this video, not only for softball players, but for all high school athletes who are trying to get recruited. I think the biggest takeaway is that if you take a more professional approach to your recruiting process you will make yourself a more attractive recruit. This includes  your behavior on the field, how you write emails, managing your social media presence and how you interact with coaches at camps and tournaments.


Take some steps today to be more professional in your recruiting process!

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