GCA Tip of the Day – What Are You Doing Today To Be a Better Athlete? Write It Down

become a better athleteBy Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

Do you want to be a better athlete? Do you want to improve so you can become a college athlete? Getting better as an athlete is a day-by-day thing. You have to do the little things whether that be focusing on a practice drill, strategizing against an opponent, doing pushups, running an extra mile or eating the proper food. The way to truly get better is to be consistent doing these things, day in and day out. Over time you begin to feel quicker, stronger, become more instinctive about the game, etc. making you a better player and athlete.

A great way to be consistent in doing these “little things”  is to write down on a piece of paper the things you are going to do, that day, to get better. When you write it down you automatically are holding yourself accountable to complete what you have written. If you look at your list before you go to bed at night you will either have a feeling of accomplishment because you did everything that was on your list or a feeling that you cheated yourself because you did not. Hey, the “cheated yourself” feeling is actually a positive because the next day you will be motivated to NOT let it happen again.

Even better is to have a “like-minded” teammate or friend who also wants to get better. You could email the list to each other on what you want to achieve that day. This will hold you even more accountable, because not only is it written down, you now owe it to each other to “GET IT DONE.”  If one person is a bit lazy one day, the other person can pick them up. Always more motivating (and more fun) when you train with a friend.

Tonight, try writing down what you want to do tomorrow to improve as an athlete, it can help you be more consistent.


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About Steve O'Brien
Steve O'Brien is the co-creator of Goal: College Athlete (GCA). The website was built to inspire young athletes to reach their goal of playing college sports. Information includes a pro-active plan to get the attention of college coaches and also insight from college coaches on what qualities they look for in a potential recruit. Steve played College Hockey at the University of New Hampshire, graduating in 1999. Questions? Send Steve an email at [email protected]

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