GCA Tip of the Day – Why You Should Setup an Online Athletic Profile Today

Online Athletic ProfileBy Steve O’Brien – Goal: College Athlete

Have you created an online athletic profile to help you in your recruiting process? If you are reaching out to coaches to try and get their attention and don’t have an online athletic profile this is something you need to do IMMEDIATELY!

Why? An online athletic profile is quick way (a snapshot per se) of who you are as a person, athlete and student. Within the profile can be important information for a college coach including awards you have won, standardized test scores and highlight videos.

KEY POINT: Don’t set up an online athletic profile and assume a college coach will find it on the web. For the most part, this does not happen. When you create an online athletic profile a link (URL) will be created for your profile. Place this link inside of emails you send to coaches so they can easily click on it and get to your profile within seconds. Make it as easy as possible for the coach to learn more about you. You should also put the link within an email signature you have created as well as in any recruiting applications you fill it for specific schools.

Goal: College Athlete gives you the ability to create a FREE profile. Find out more details here:

GCA Online Athletic Profile 


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